On 6 October 2015, Institut Marquès organised a press conference in Barcelona to present the results of its research into the effects of music at the start of life. Daniela Pellegrini and Anna Arnall from Ticapisco attended the event, in their capacities as the Italian interpreter and coordinator of the interpretation team, respectively. The event was organised in Barcelona and emitted via streaming to several countries (including Italy, France and the UK).

During the press conference, three members of the medical team presented their study entitled “Fetal facial expression in response to intravaginal music emission” published in the scientific journal Ultrasound. Dr. Marisa López Teijón and Dr. Álex Garcia-Faura, the main authors of the clinical trial explained the results obtained, accompanied by Professor Alberto Prats, Chair of Anatomy and Fetal Embryology of Barcelona University School of Medicine, who had also collaborated in the study.


The study revealed that a foetus of 16 weeks is able to hear and respond to music emitted from the mother’s vagina. Babies respond to the stimulus by opening their mouths and poking out their tongues through vocalisation prior to the acquisition of language.

A special device was designed for the study, capable of emitting music from the vagina at an average intensity of 54 decibels, equivalent to a normal conversation.

The publication of the study had wide repercussions in the media, which described the different applications and innovations of this pioneering international scientific work, which rules out foetal deafness, facilitate ultrasonography and reassure mothers with stress problems.

It was a pleasure for us to contribute to the diffusion of this interesting new discovery and be able to collaborate with such a prestigious institute.

Source: http://www.institutomarques.com/noticias.html